Are you curious to learn how to spy on an Android phone? If so, congratulations for landing on the right page!

Undoubtedly, Android phones cover 80% of today’s smartphone market. After all, when technology is advancing at such a fast pace, nothing is impossible. There are two main reasons that make Android the best choice among its customers:

• First, its excellent hardware compatibility

• Secondly, its affordable price

And that’s what makes Android have so much control over the smartphone market. In addition, Android also offers excellent security features for its users. Since passwords protected by a fingerprint, code numbers or characters, to face recognition capabilities, Android phones have everything to offer to its customers.

Is it possible to spy on an Android phone?

Nowadays, there are numerous hidden spy apps for Android users that can easily be used to track activities of other Android user. Spy apps may seem like spy movie stuff or something against the law, but far beyond what you might think, these apps can be a legitimate solution to help you with small day-to-day issues and therefore be used for legal purposes.

Spy apps for Android can be easily found online and are very easy to install. Also, you can operate them easily via your mobile phone without touching the Android device you want to spy. All you need is to download the application on the target Android phone. When you’re done, you can monitor all activities of the suspect.

Here are some practical and useful uses that these creative “spy” apps can provide for simple tasks such as tracking messages, tracking someone’s location and habits (great for kids), shooting videos, and taking pictures discreetly. But also teach you how to trace a cell phone safely and effectively, and more.

Spying on the phone and its legal Problems

Placing a spy program on someone’s phone is definitely the best way to spy on someone – so much so that it is the US government’s preferred form of espionage in PRISM. After all we have the following data of a smartphone:

Location – using the GPS of the cell phone and its Wifi and 3G data, we have not only where the person goes, but also how much time stays in each place

Calls – we get the contacts the person made, both incoming and outgoing calls and the length of calls

Messages – we get access to almost any form of message exchange, from SMS to WhatsApp, as well as direct access to email and social networks. Use of apps – each app with its specific function lets you infer what the person does during the day, in addition to the data that he inserts into those apps.

How are spy apps for android useful?

When we talk about spying, the connotation of the word is generally negative. However, the development of these programs to spy phone is made with the best intentions and focuses on their use to situations where benefits both the person who wants to monitor a mobile phone as the person owning that device.

Spy apps for android are a great source if you are willing to monitor a person who has an Android phone as they come with a wide variety of features you need to know everything. Spy apps for Android help you monitor emails, instant conversations, call logs, text messages, browser history, and even the target person’s media files, such as photos and videos saved on devices.

Now that you know how much Spy apps are useful, you should get one and at least give it a try! Well, to do this, you need to figure out which spy app for Android is right for you. Although there are several hidden spy apps for Android on the market, accept our suggestions about it so you can spy on other Android user.

Parental Controls

Speaking of concrete situations, a father watching his son’s cell phone is beneficial and an act of extreme responsibility because the child will be much safer and protected against possible attacks through the internet and the cell phone.

It is a sign of the times, the dependency that people have on being constantly online and sharing personal details that sometimes reach people who use this information to commit crimes.

This computer insecurity is greater in children, who have no clear idea of the dangers they may be facing. So with a spy app, you can watch over your child’s conversations, who he communicates with, what he shares on the internet (especially on social networks where many children share too personal information), the websites he visits, among other information that you find relevant.

And if you still need another reason to use such a program, we have the ideal argument: GPS location. How many times do you get scared because you do not know where your child is? Well, just access the spy program and track the location of your child’s cell phone.

Monitor your company’s Phones

On a more corporate level, employers face major challenges such as poor employee efficiency during office hours and information leakage to competing companies, which causes heavy losses.

Monitoring your employees’ phones and their online activity helps companies gain insight into what is happening during working hours and whether or not confidential data is being passed out of the company, even unintentionally.

Another important information that the employer can get with this surveillance is the location of each of the workers. Is your employee where he should be or not? There is nothing like being sure, knowing that everything is working as it should.

By continuing to analyze the situation, monitoring the mobile devices of your employees will motivate them in a positive way, as they will make them extremely efficient during working hours, you will know who they are talking to and about what, preventing the release of confidential information, and you’ll trust your employees to be where they claim to be.

But what about the privacy of people watched? The violation of someone’s privacy is a serious issue and should not be treated lightly. Before installing one of these programs on someone’s cell phone, you have to ask for authorization for that person to install surveillance software on your device. Also note regarding local laws related to such activities, always check the laws in force!

What is the best Software to spy android phone?

The spy app for android has features that no other program has, making it the best spyware program you can get. First, so you can use one of these programs to monitor a cell phone, you need to install one in your device to watch. That way, you begin to receive reports on your computer or cell containing all the information you want.

There are several apps in the virtual stores of the most famous mobile operating systems on the market. The app monitors everything that is done on the smartphone it is installed: calls, conversations, messages, emails. All communication done via Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and even the Facebook is recorded by the spy software. Once installed, it starts to send complete reports about the device owner of the activity, which are sent to spy computer. The app works silently, or will hardly be found on the monitored phone.

how does the spy app for android work to track cell phones and what services do they offer?

First, so you can use one of these programs to monitor a cell phone, you need to install one in your device to watch. That way, you begin to receive reports on your computer or cell containing all the information you want.

But what kind of information can the software provide you with?

The Spy app for android allows you to view SMS messages, but also from a wide range of instant messengers such as: Whatsapp, Facebook chat, Skype, Hangouts, iMessage, just to mention a few.

You can also view incoming and outgoing emails, access all types of files stored on your phone (such as videos and photos), know which applications are installed on your phone, discover passwords, and perhaps one of the features more wanted by those looking for this type of product, track the exact location of the phone through GPS.

Additionally, the spy app for android allows you to remotely control the phone, meaning you can turn off or lock your phone and access your control panel, and know that calls were made and received. By using spy app for android, you can even listen to and record those calls! This program also allows you to control the camera of the mobile device and take a photo, and also control the microphone, which allows you to hear the sound of the place where the cell phone is.

How to prevent spying on my android?

If you have a smartphone and want to get out of the sights of the curious, it is best to set a password very complicated or difficult to deduce and protect your device. If your device supports alphanumeric passwords, use them, but leave no trace. If the code is a 4-digit number, avoid striking dates such as your birthday or the date of your wedding.

Now, if you choose to password-based gestures that form drawings to unlock the device, make a more complex design and clean the mobile screen every time you swipe your finger to unlock it. A closer curious can check the trail left by the fat from the skin on the device screen and memorize the pattern to unlock the device.

Apps that help maintain privacy

Those who are afraid of persecution or think they are being watched may opt for more functional alternatives. There are applications that take a picture with the front camera of the device every time a wrong password is typed on the device. If, for example, a curious try to unlock your cell phone and miss the password, the app will take a photo and send to your email immediately. Soon you will see the face of who is trying to snoop around your data and can take immediate action to prevent unwanted

Bluetooth and WiFi

If you prefer not to install anything (it may be that your problem with privacy invaders is not that bad), there are simple tips that will facilitate your life and impede the eavesdroppers of. One of them is to disable Bluetooth and WiFi whenever you are in a public place or you are not using these functions. The wireless connection can open doors for intruders. Therefore, prevention is better than cure.

For those who have already been a victim of spying on the phone

Were you a victim of spying? Are you sure that your data has been stolen or accessed by people without permission? First, know that the Federal Constitution is on your side. Invasion of privacy is a crime.

Record everything that can serve as proof that your smartphone was the victim of espionage, and especially take a screenshot of the spy application or the conversations that were snooped on. Do not act by an impetus: erasing photos and conversations will not solve anything. Put your evidence together and make an incident report at the nearest police station. Maybe you’re going to need an expert to figure out who’s snooping around you – in certain cases, such as in corporate relationships, that may be
extremely necessary.

What Are The Best Free Spy App for Android?

Fortunately, there are much software on the market that allow you to monitor the use of your children’s smartphones and employees in order to ensure that they are not misusing their devices or wasting their time on social networking sites.

Unseen – Hide & Read

is an application that allows you to read your messages without the person who sent them knows about it. Ok, you might be wondering, why is it on a list of spy apps? Think about it, this is a ninja way of knowing what your friend / family member is doing without him / her knowing, for example, when receiving a message, you can anticipate a visit, or suddenly get rid ofone, you may disappear from the map and be assured that something serious is not happening to your relative
or friend and to have a bit of privacy, even more so on those days when you are not in a good mood. There are different uses, just let go of the imagination. It will display your messages received from WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, and you will reply when you want, the sender will never know that you have read them, you will no longer have to go offline or disable Wi-Fi.

Secret Video Recorder

is a hidden camera application that gives you the impression that you are using any other function of your device, except your camcorder. It allows you to record unnoticed videos by eliminating the start recording sound and hiding the preview screen. It also features a number of configurable features such as scheduled recordings, improved night capturing, front and back camera usage, unlimited recording time, write interruption based on available storage space, integration with
Google Drive and more. This is one of the few frees hidden recording applications that allows Full HD recordings.

The TruthSpy

is an App that offers a free 48 hour evaluation period, which is enough so that we can test it before deciding whether or not it is worth your license. This software appears to have all the features we might need to monitor someone’s phone, including:

  • GPS Tracking
  • Reading emails
  • Call recording
  • Reading WhatsApp Messages
  • Internet browsing
  • Photo View
  • Send commands to your phone and many other features.


is indicated for both parental control and company control, as well as data recovery for lost and stolen phones. Access is done remotely, only by those who wish to observe